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McLean Counseling Center

Offering a variety of services under one umbrella

At McLean Counseling Center, we offer a complete range of counseling treatments under one umbrella – all based in our McLean office.
From counseling to medication, our providers are here for you on your healing journey.


Prolonged anxiety, excessive worrying, and persistent feelings of dread can hold you back from living a full life. At McLean Counseling Center, we work closely with each patient’s individual needs to design a treatment plan that works for them.


Most of depressions have a genetic or biological basis, so we use medical as well as psychological treatments.

Sleep Problems

Variety of issues can interfere with our sleep. We can assess and treat variety of sleep conditions.

Work Stress

Challenges around finding work life balance, addressing dysfunctional work environments and their emotional conflicts. This also includes feelings around work stagnation or un-fulfillment and handling difficult bosses and coworkers.


When what should be a satisfying exchange of caring and love turns difficult and exhausting, we provide couples counseling.

ADHD In Children Or Adult

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and issues related to initiating and finishing tasks and projects, easy distractibility and restlessness is an area of a focus in our center.

Life Transitions

Transitions can be hard and very stressful. Transitions such as changing schools graduation and going off to college, starting a new job, separation or divorce, births of children, illness and loss of significant other.

Woman’s Emotional Health

Women through out their lives may encounter variety of unique emotional and physical challenges.We are here to help and coordinate care in different levels

Trauma Disorders & EMDR

Trauma disorders are mental disorders that are related to a traumatic experience or very stressful event. Not everyone who experiences a great deal of trauma will develop a mental health condition.

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