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Counseling for Immigrants

Counseling for Immigrants

Today’s immigrants come from all over the world but particularly from Latin America and Asia. As a result, the United States is a much more ethnically diverse place than it was 50 years ago. Unfortunately, there are many obstacles confronting many immigrants and refugees, ranging from bureaucratic and legal battles to suspicion, prejudice and outright hostility. The United States has a complicated immigration processes and many immigrants must face the challenges such as legalizing their immigration status or living as an undocumented immigrant. Immigration can be very stressful and take a toll on the mental health of families. These immigrants and refugees are also unaware that there are professionals such as counselors who can help them navigate this strange new landscape.

Professionals with Experience

Our counselors embrace cultural diversity and are committed to helping immigrants and refugees with the everyday challenges associated with community, school, work, health care and other systems. The McLean Counseling Center offers help to people or families suffering from the struggles of leaving and arriving to the new country. Immigrating to a new country can make you feel homesick and force many challenges upon you related to finances, marriage and so on. If you are having trouble connecting with your new community or are worried about the recent growing controversy about immigration policies, then rest assured because we are here for you. Whatever your experience, one of our qualified mental health professionals can help you understand how immigration is impacting your life and provide you with useful tools for your challenges.

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