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We are here to help you keep the balance

We’re living in uncertain times these days. Everyone is talking about Coronavirus – but no one has a guaranteed solution (yet). Sometimes, it feels like there’s no escape from the news bombardment.

Even a mindless swipe through social media or a trip to the grocery store can be enough to stir up feelings of anxiety. We get it – and we’re right there with you.

Our therapists are here to help you cope with whatever comes up as you process your feelings. Talking to someone can be an invaluable resource — a way to “keep calm and carry on.”


All our therapists at our center will offer Online Teletherapy until the outbreak is better understood and contained.Whether you’re a new or existing patient, our compassionate experts are waiting on the other end of your screen.

Reach out to us with any questions and for free 15 minutes consultation

Melanie Yousefi, DNP, PMHNP

Board Certified Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
Adolescent and Adult Psychiatry
Individual, Couples, and Family Therapy

Melanie Yousefi, DNP is a board-certified psychiatric nurse practitioner with several years of experience working in healthcare. Her interests include the combined approach of psychotherapy and medications in treating depression, anxiety, ADHD, trauma, and other mood disorders. She has particular area off niters in psychological fallout of medical conditions and illness management and it’s overlap with Psychiatric problems
In this time of high anxiety and uncertainty she is fully equipped to assist patients struggling with illness anxiety around the COVID-19 pandemic.

Monique Deely, LCSW


Monique Deely, LCSW, is licensed clinical social worker with several years of clinical experience. She has a vast experience in couple therapy, family therapy and treating trauma. In the face of this pandemic She can also work with any family members that may have been exposed or succumbed to the illness and can assist you in substantially increasing your coping skills and resilience in the face of these extreme difficulties.

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