Our Mission

McLean Counseling Center

We are a tight-knit group of mental health professionals pursuing our shared goals and passion. We aim to improve our community by providing counseling and treatment to individuals with emotional struggles or conflicts in their personal or professional lives. We combine our warm and passionate attitude with cutting-edge medical and psychological knowledge to promote each individual’s well-being.

We listen to our patients carefully, offer treatment plans that best fit their needs and monitor their progress closely. We aim not only to provide effective and immediate relief but also to pursue lasting and meaningful recovery and growth.

We strive passionately to educate our community about emotional and mental health. A key point is to identify people with difficulties early on and find ways which will promote mental health and prevent disorders.

By staying up to date and consulting with other experts in the field, we stay curious and are always working to innovate and improve. While we take our job seriously and stay focused, we maintain an upbeat and cheerful work environment at our office. Our work environment soothes and cherishes our clients who usually find us positive, efficient, and to the point.

Find out if we are a right fit for you. Feel free to  share your thoughts and comments. You can contact us in person, by phone, or online through the Contact Us section of our website. We strongly believe that your feedback will assist us to stay true to our mission.

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McLean Counseling Center 6862 Elm St #205, McLean, VA 22101

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