When a couple is experiencing issues, it’s normal to be apprehensive about seeking help. Couples therapy is still a taboo subject in many circles, leaving people feeling isolated and alone, or even unsure whether couples therapy is the right choice for them. If you’re unsure whether you and your partner would benefit from couples therapy, here are 10 of the top reasons to seek help.

1.    You and your partner aren’t connecting like you used to. If your partner feels distant, that can be a sign of a deeper issue. This can be demonstrated by working longer hours than usual, booking frequent travel alone, or shutting down in the middle of conversations.

2.   Your sex life is on the rocks. Every relationship goes through phases of increased physical intimacy and periodic dry spells. If you’re struggling to communicate your needs to your partner, or have hit a lull in your sex life and aren’t sure how to navigate it, a therapist can facilitate those conversations.

3.   You or your partner has had an affair. When there’s been a betrayal in a relationship, it can be exceptionally difficult to see past the hurt. A qualified therapist can help you and your partner have the necessary hard conversations and rebuild trust.

4.   You’re about to get married. Many people associate couples therapy with marital problems, but big relationship changes can be an opportunity to touch base. Couples therapy can be a constructive place to discuss joint finances, dividing household responsibilities, and other plans for the future.

5.   Navigating polyamory or other non-traditional relationship dynamics. Polyamorous couples experience issues just like everyone else. Some are specific to polyamory, while others are simply the same concerns that arise in every relationship. A couples therapist can help you navigate these issues together.

6.   Deciding whether or not to go separate ways. Couples therapy isn’t exclusively for couples who want to stay together. If you and a long-term partner are splitting up or getting divorced, a couples therapist can help you navigate the practical and emotional issues of ending your relationship.

7.    Blending families. When a relationship involves children from a previous relationship, there are plenty of questions to sort out. A couples therapist can help you settle parenting differences and decide what role each parent will have in the child’s life.

8.   Your family is experiencing addiction Regardless of the substance or type of addiction, addiction often takes a toll on marital relationships. These can be complicated and may require professional help.

9.   You and your partner are struggling to divide household tasks equitably. It may seem mundane, but couples often butt heads about tasks like how to divide up cooking, cleaning, and other household chores. Handling an issue like this head-on can avoid the problem growing and resentments bubbling under the surface.

10.   You disagree about how to manage your home’s finances. It’s incredibly common for couples to disagree about money – especially if one of you tends to save and the other tends to spend. A couples therapy session can help you two articulate your philosophy about money and find an arrangement that suits you both.

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