As the cold winds of winter begin to hit our lips and the leaves begin to change their color, sadness and feelings of dread begin to partake in our daily conversation. We may notice that we no longer look forward to the day ahead of us or the unique obstacles that we may get to overcome. If you have noticed that these situations begin to occur on an annual basis, you may be suffering from a problem known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Although the winter months may cause us to occasionally feel like there is no hope left in our lives, habitual and daily suffering is never ok and should be examined by someone within the healthcare field for proper diagnosis.

Unique Treatment Options

Fortunately for most patients, SAD can be directly related to the amount of sun exposure they’re receiving on a daily basis. Adequate amounts of sun exposure produce a healthy equilibrium of vitamin D within our system. Sun exposure becomes a rarity in the fall and winter as the clouds begin to shadow the beneficial rays emitted by the sun on a day-to-day basis.

For most patients, light therapy is used to treat these feelings of sadness with great success. Patients are placed in front of a large light that emits powerful rays that penetrate deep beneath the surface of the skin. In small dosages, light therapy has shown to produce healthy amounts of vitamin D, improve mood, increase energy output and reduce feelings of low self-worth and sadness.

However, some patients require a little extra love to overcome their annual SAD experience. In these instances, professionals will use a combination of medication, light therapy, and customized psychological tools to better understand the underpinnings associated with the client. With this trifecta of tools made available to the patient, SAD becomes a thing of the past and a normal sense of well being may be experienced again.

You’re Not Alone — Reach for a Helping Hand

The journey towards understanding and treating your problems becomes easier when you have outside help. If you would like to be the process of recovery under the guidance of trained professionals, McLean Counseling Center is here to help in any way possible. A list of areas in which McLean specializes in is located below.

Treatment of ADHD and problems focusing on important tasks.
Anxiety and mood fluctuations that may occur in your life.
Autism and its entire spectrum of manifestation.
Trauma-related issues.
Transitional advice for large changes in one’s lifestyle.
Stress that is derived from work, or the accumulation of responsibilities.

Problems and trauma that stem from the home and family environment.

As you can see, our ability to help a plethora of patients stems from our ability to understand each client’s unique circumstances and crafting a treatment plan specialized to their lifestyle. Don’t hesitate, reach out today to McLean Counseling Center and we will help begin your transition.

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