It is natural to feel depression, anxiety, stress, and related emotions in a crisis. Everyone reacts to a crisis differently, but it surely affects their mental health. We all are going through such crises these days which is COVID-19. We are all likely to experience distress and discomfort in this situation.

Though the scenario is new and unpredictable, the way it is affecting us is dangerous. Social distancing is becoming challenging day by day. In times like these, we ignore our emotional needs easily to fulfill our responsibilities and get on with our days.

To stay alert and fulfill your emotional needs at the same time, some tips can easily be followed. These tips will let you be emotionally stable and healthy in this time of crisis.

  • Take care of your body
    It should be easy for you to plan healthy meals while you are at home all the time. Take out time to exercise, and get plenty of sleep as required. Alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs must be avoided.
  • Take breaks
    If you are leading a hectic life, you are allowed to take a break sometimes. You can read books, have some alone time, watch some TV, write something, or do anything that involves only you. Try to indulge yourself in activities that excite you.
  • Less Exposure to News
    Although being a responsible citizen means being connected to whatever is happening around you. But, it shouldn’t have to be done repeatedly. You know a crisis is going on, you don’t have to listen to the same news again and again. It will only keep you stressed out and frustrated.
  • Connect with Others
    Everyone is getting affected by the crisis, this is something that can bring peace and harmony to you. When you know the people who feel the same way as you do, you regain the strength to carry on. Connect with them digitally, share your feelings, and listen to how they are coping with it. Knowing how others are handling the situation will give you plenty of ideas.
  • Seek Help When Needed
    If you feel like that things have got the better of you lately, we at McLean Counseling Center are here to help.

Our Adult Therapist Monique Deely LCSW is here to help you to offer online therapy to regain your emotional strength back. It is always good to share when nothing makes sense. Use these tips and see the change in yourself. Your mental and physical health deserve the care and attention even at this time of crisis.