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Launch Pad Program


Has your young adult son or daughter dropped out of college after a few months or been unable to maintain a job?


Does your young adult son or daughter spend countless hours browsing the internet, chatting with friends, or watching TV without any plans for his or her future?


Has your child withdrawn from friends and family?

Years can go by and efforts of the parents do little or nothing to help.

Spending hours on video games, social media, smartphones affects your child's daily life.

Severe shyness that is paralyzing the social life of your child.

We are here to HELP!



At McLean Counseling Center we have developed a specialized program to assess and treat this common yet difficult to diagnose and hard to treat syndrome. This syndrome we named "Failure To Launch" represents a group of symptoms that cause a teen or young adult to be unable to achieve academic  or career goals. 

These young adults continue to be fully dependent on their parents. They may spend countless hours browsing the internet, playing video games, or watching television. Over time, tension in the home increases as they grow more and more passive. 

Dr. Habibpour and the team have worked with many of these patients. They developed the Launch Pad program to help and treat these families and prevent further years of stagnation.

Why is this important?

Failure to Launch Syndrome is a combination of psychiatric and psychological disorders often undiagnosed. These disorders may not emerge as problematic during childhood as they present in mild to moderate severity. In the later years of life when the problems go untreated, their education or work suffers and their quality of life declines. They may struggle to finish school and they are unable to move forward to the next step. They may attempt college or obtain a job but they are often unsuccessful. As time passes without treatment, the symptoms worsen and the individual is at a higher risk for a more severe psychiatric condition such as a substance use disorder or major depression.

Why is this an urgent matter?

Years can go by and efforts of the parents do little or nothing to help.
Setbacks in life are common and can happen to anybody. If there is little progress, an immediate action needs to be taken. The person should be evaluated and treated quickly; otherwise precious time is lost and the person is at a much higher risk for more severe psychiatric conditions.

What are the risk factors?

Some of the common risk factors include parental divorce, disruptive family relationships, and frequent relocations.

Symptoms Check List

  • Inability to pursue goals academically or maintain a job
  • Emotional withdrawal from friends and family
  • Disrupted sleep-wake cycle: patients may stay up at night and sleep most of the day
  • Social anxiety and difficulty socializing (often interpreted as severe shyness)
  • Defiance and/or impulsivity (such as impulsive decisions, spending a lot of money or sudden relocation)
  • Addiction to video games, social media, smartphones, etc.
  • Tendency for substance abuse and dependence

Launch Pad Program

When you first call, you will have a phone consultation with one of our team members to determine suitability. At your first appointment, a licensed psychologist and psychiatrist will meet with both the young adult and the family to assess the nature of the problem. Our team work and the involvement of multiple professionals is a unique feature of our program.

The team then develops a step by step treatment planthat specifically addresses the needs of the individual and the family. The treatment plan may combine family and individual therapy as well as group therapy for selected candidates. Medications may also be recommended when necessary. You will be informed of the treatment plan before we begin.

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