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McLean Counseling Center is proud to provide mental health services for all ages, from children all the way to adulthood. We also provide therapy for families of all shapes and sizes.

Parents often feel hesitant to seek therapy for their children or family. It can be difficult to know whether therapy is the right choice for them. But knowing a bit about the process can go a long way in helping them feel comfortable and confident when seeking mental health services.


Our Approach to Child & Family Therapy

Our providers offer a variety of expertise that allows us to address the unique needs of children, teens, and families. We understand that children and adolescents have very different therapeutic needs than adults do. That’s why we adapt our treatment methods to best support children and teens.

In a family setting, we see therapy as an opportunity to foster openness and learning. Our therapists are there to support your family through difficult transitions and to talk about difficult topics – not to assign blame.


Treatment Options for Children and Teens

Depending on your situation, we can provide traditional talk therapy or more tailored approaches. When necessary and appropriate, we may recommend medication to support therapeutic measures. Rest assured, we always discuss treatment options with parents beforehand.

Our providers’ specialties include treating ADHD, behavioral issues, trauma, and selective mutism in children and adolescents. Your child’s treatment may include tailored therapies such as trauma-focused therapy, attachment-based therapy, sand tray therapy, and child-centered play therapy. This diverse approach can help children and teens express themselves and articulate their struggles.


Signs Your Child or Teen Might Need Therapy

Growing up is never easy. But if your child or teen is exhibiting any of these behaviors, they
might benefit from seeing a therapist:

  • Frequently makes comments like “nobody cares about me,” or “I wish I weren’t here.”
  • Repeatedly engages in self-destructive behaviors like hair-pulling, skin-picking, or self-
  • Withdraws from family, friends, or activities they used to enjoy.
  • Struggles with low self-esteem.
  • Exhibits a sudden change in sleep or dietary habits.
  • Frequently seems apathetic, hopeless, or fearful about the future.

Parents often see therapy as a last resort for their child. But a therapist can help smooth out the regular ups and downs of growing up, especially in adolescence. Even if your teenager’s struggles seem within the range of “normal,” you may want to talk to them about seeing a therapist.


Common Reasons to Seek Family Therapy

Family therapy can help families through any stressful time. But some of the most common reasons to seek family therapy include:

  • Helping family members cope with a relative’s serious illness.
  • Navigating transitional periods like divorce, joining families, or a big move.
  • Reuniting estranged family members.
  • Processing family trauma as a unit.
  • Whether your family is experiencing a major upheaval or is simply going through a rough patch,
    McLean Counseling Center is here to help.

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