Christian Counseling

Part 1: In the Fog
By: Sam Lee, LPC

Have you ever been in a heavy fog? Everything is shrouded… some things immediate and nearby you can see clearer…. But the further out you try to see, the more vague, fuzzy and elusive they become. If the fog is in a place you are familiar with, then you might make your way around pretty well. But if you are where you’ve never been before……. “How do I find my way out?!”

In times of difficulties, especially when unexpected things happen in already difficult circumstances, you might find yourself feeling lost and wandering about in that fog so deep and dark. There are structures and obstructions and pathways which you just can’t see well right now but still need to navigate through them. Often, the search for the way out is so full of unknowns and filled with risks, dangers and setbacks, and seemingly ‘one step forward, two steps back…..’

As life has its ups and downs, we find ourselves at times in the fog of life, lost and distressed. We need help and look for answers, and even get some advice- some sound, some well-meaning but not practical. The knottier the problems, the greater the burden we feel on our back and shoulders.

No matter what the problems are, no matter what the circumstances are, it always comes down to “What would/should I do about _________???” No matter how badly I want what is on the other side of the fog, the inescapable question is – how do I make this journey to get there? It makes you wonder- ‘does ANYONE truly CARE about me in this fog I am stuck in?’

Psalm 23 in the Bible illustrates a way of God, who is like a good Shepherd who cares for His sheep, feeding and watering the hungry and thirsty souls, leading them to a safe place to rest, and when all sorts of difficult terrains or dangers and threats abound, He protects and fights for them, and He brings healing to the wounded and scarred.

Counseling is a series of psychotherapy sessions that address a person’s known and underlying issues, and explore ways and options to find effective measures to change and improve their lives with the help of trained counselors. In addition to such techniques as CBT, DBT, Trauma-focused therapy and others, Christian Counseling enlists the Good Shepherd’s path of healing for those clients who wish to integrate their spirituality and biblical Christian principles in their therapy, while adhering to the Ethical and Professional Standards of Counseling (ACA).

If you believe in God, and have a measure of understanding of who and what God is about, you can seek God’s present help and power in your journey. If you don’t believe in God or are having a time of doubts (which is a part of the journey of any growing faith), then you could try what God has to offer in His ways and explore your options. Because God’s principles for life are from the Heart of the Good Shepherd.

Perhaps you have heard of the expression: God is the weaver of tapestry of your life – in the sky you only see the incomprehensible and even unsightly pattern going. But then eventually you find out it was the underside of tapestry you were looking at and the top side is woven into a beautiful picture full of wonderful meanings as a whole!

Do not stay distraught and alone in the fog. God is making that GREAT tapestry of YOUR LIFE. Let’s not the dense and cold fog downcast us but seek that Lamplight illuminate each step we take forward…!


If you’d like to try that path of the Good Shepherd’s Lamplight in this season of your life, contact Sam Lee, McLean Counseling Center at 703-249-9349 or email: