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Relationships, can’t live with them, can’t live without them

We all have been shaped to need connection. Life has little meaning without other people to share it with, and yet relationships have a history of their own: when they are young, magic is in the air; then time passes and the newness is replaced by greater depth. But that depth can contain a static rhythm that lacks excitement. Romance between two people requires consistent nurturance, and an awareness of one’s own emotional needs as well as those of your partner will enhance your sense of connection, trust and intimacy. Understanding and integrating those essential ingredients will promote joyfulness and a deeper commitment. At McLean Counseling Center, we can help you learn to dance again in the magic of that deeper intimacy.


Major relationships that can get complicated:


Romantic relationships and marriages

When you’re not sure where it is going and it is all new and exciting?
How would you manage conflicts in your relationship?
Do you follow what you learned from your parents or you try new ways?
How do you resolve disagreements as a couple?

More in to the relationship—

Has the warmth left, leaving you both feeling unfulfilled, or bored?

Parent and Child

A teen stressed by the relationship with parents.

You are a parent and not ready to send off your child to his or her next phase of life?

You have an adult child at home who is depending on you and stops you from moving to your next phase of life.

Families are made of people who should support and love one another. However, there are times when different opinions and unfortunate circumstances cause family members to hurt one another or fall out of touch. Family therapy with the McLean Counseling Center can help you and your family reconnect and understand each other. All it takes is some hard work and guidances for families to happy again. Family therapy can reconcile and even improve your family’s relationship over time. There is also family therapy for grieving families who are dealing with the loss of a loved one


Social Isolation

You feel you are too shy to be with others and while others seem to have their social circle, it’s just not happening for you. Your life remains empty, leaving you feeling lonely.

Work relationships

You may have a difficult supervisor or team making you dread going to work each day. You may be a boss of subordinates who despite your best efforts just don’t perform.

We Can Help Bring Calm To Your Stressed Relationships

All these categories of relationships, and others not listed, can turn what should be one of life’s pleasures into sources of strain or despair. We can help you sort out the confusion and prioritize what’s important to you. We can help you strategize how to shift your energies and directions to achieve more satisfying results in your key relationships.

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