Parenting a teenager is never an easy task. A young adult with poor quality of life may be going through a tough time achieving academic or career goals. As a parent you would notice that your teenage son or daughter is spending countless hours browsing the internet, chatting with friends, or watching TV without any plans for his or her future.

Some of the common symptoms of your child’s troubled youth may come in the form of,

  • Inability to pursue goals academically or maintain a job
  • Emotional withdrawal from friends and family
  • Disrupted sleep-wake cycle
  • Social anxiety and extreme shyness in socializing
  • Defiance and/or impulsivity (such as impulsive decisions, spending a lot of money or sudden relocation)
  • Addiction to video games, social media, smartphones, etc.
  • Tendency for substance abuse and dependence
  • Personality changes, falling grades, continuous sadness, anxiety, sleeping issues could indicate depression, bullying, or another emotional health issue

Your teen may want to withdraw from you emotionally, however however much they are independent, they still need your attention and to feel loved by you. As a parent it is your responsibility to remind your teen that no matter how much pain or turmoil they are experiencing, with family support, and professional help, the situation will get better. Your teen can overcome the problems of adolescence and mature into a happy, well-balanced young adult.

McLean Counseling Center offers licensed psychologists and psychiatrists who will meet with both the young adult and the family to assess the nature of the problem. The specially crafted programme called “Launchpad Programme” to assess and treat this common yet difficult to diagnose and hard to treat syndrome. The team then develops a step by step treatment plan that specifically addresses the needs of the individual and the family. The treatment plan combines family and individual therapy as well as group therapy for selected candidates and later on medications will be recommended.