Toxic relationships are those types of interactions that make you feel disrespectful, sad, angry, unsupported, and threaten your well-being in one or another way. Toxic relationships can occur between couples but may also subsist in your family and friends.
If you’re in a toxic relationship, you’ve to take some steps to deal with it before it gets worse. While handling a toxic relationship, and if you’re the one playing your part to save the relationship from falling apart, this won’t work because as a part of a relationship, both of the partners will have to come to one page and try to solve the problem.
Here are some tips that will help you to deal with your toxic relationship but before that, you’ve to identify that person to whom you’ve a toxic relationship.
The first milestone to deal with a toxic relationship is to identify the person, whether he or she is from your primary or secondary group, and is a narcissist or sociopath.
If you identify the person as a narcissist and sociopath, it is hard to deal with their behaviors and you’ve to remind yourself that changing someone’s behavior is not in your control and even if you try your best, you won’t accomplish that goal.
What if that person is your co-worker? Then dealing with him or her will not be that difficult because you can change your place or ask your boss for some help. Your boss can surely help you.
Now comes the difficult part, if you’re dealing with a toxic relationship and it is between your family and friends, then it is difficult to handle it because you cannot remove that toxic person from your life. But you can try to make fewer visits to that person and spend less time with him or her. You can even recommend them to a therapist, who will help them to recognize the underlying causes of their toxic behavior.

Tips to deal with a toxic relationship:

Putting yourself first and taking care of yourself:
Don’t be a person who always gives and never gets the chance to take something in return. 

Questioning yourself about your feelings when you’re around a toxic person: If you’re the victim of hateful comments and abusive behavior, it’s best to end everything here and live your life in peace and harmony.

Be confident to discuss the issues of their behaviors openly with them: This will make them feel guilty and in this way, they will change their behaviors.

Offer compassion and help them to get professional help: Help them to fix their toxic behaviors and if they cannot help themselves, recommending a professional therapist will definitely help them to deal with the toxicity!


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