Trauma Related Disorders

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What are Trauma Disorders?

Trauma disorders are mental disorders that are related to a traumatic experience or very stressful event. Not everyone who experiences a great deal of trauma will develop a mental health condition. Those who do develop a mental health condition can trace the cause directly to that situation as a factor. If not treated, trauma disorders can lead to serious complications ranging from social problems to depression to suicide.


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)


Acute Stress Disorder (ASD)


Adjustment Disorders


Childhood Trauma Disorders

Treatment for Trauma Disorders

Treatment is absolutely needed because trauma does not get better on its own and can cause harmful complications if not treated. Getting diagnosed and finding professional treatment is important. Our mental health professionals offer treatment that can help our patients recover, learn to process and cope with the traumatic memories, and begin to live a normal life again.

Treatment involves therapy that focuses on trauma, however medications for depression or anxiety may also help patients. There is also cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) which is a therapy that focuses on how to change and control your triggers, negative emotions, and unhelpful responses. It can be used to help patients cope with their trauma in a more productive way. A third type of therapy that can treat trauma disorders is exposure therapy. This involves helping patients face trauma and bad experiences in a safe environment. Facing memories and learning to cope with them in healthy and positive ways can help heal the trauma.

Here at the McLean Counseling Center, we want you to get an accurate diagnosis and find professional treatment. It is also important to get support from loved ones so you can overcome bad memories and create positive lifestyle changes. Give us a visit and you can recover from your trauma disorder and have a good prognosis.

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