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Struggling with focus and attentiveness? Learn about ADHD Treatments in Arlington, VA.

ADHD and executive dysfunction often go together. While they aren’t the same thing, they often overlap.

In the past, ADHD was often seen as something only children struggle with. In recent years, the medical field and general population have become more aware of ADHD as an issue that affects adults as well. The same has become increasingly true for executive dysfunction.

What is Executive Dysfunction?
Common signs of executive dysfunction include::

  • Forgetting to complete tasks
  • An inability to keep track of personal items, such as cell phones and keys
  • Difficulty following conversations
  • Trouble remembering and prioritizing the steps in complex tasks
  • Frequently running late
  • Difficulty breaking big tasks into their smaller components
  • Trouble meeting deadline
  • An inability to multitask

What Causes Executive Dysfunction?

Executive dysfunction and ADHD often occur together, as they play into each other. But executive dysfunction can also be caused by the following factors:


Brain injuries, especially damage to the prefrontal cortex


Exposure to illicit substances in vitro




Severe neglect

Executive Dysfunction Disorder Coping Strategies When possible, ask for written and oral instructions for tasks


  • Allow time to transition between tasks
  •  Plan your day using checklists, including estimates for how long each task will take
  •  Break large or complicated tasks into smaller chunks to help you stay on track
  •  Assign due dates to all assignments, even non-urgent ones
  •  Closely follow a schedule

How to Know if You Should Seek Help

ADHD and executive dysfunction aren’t a black-and-white diagnosis. Everyone has trouble with planning and coordinating tasks from time to time. In that way, ADHD can be compared to a mood disorder. For example, everyone feels sad or depressed from time to time. But if they feel that way often enough, and intensely enough, that it’s impeding their quality of life, they may have clinical depression.

In the same way, if you often have issues with executive dysfunction and attention, and if it’s getting in the way of your normal life, that’s when you should consider seeking treatment.

Our Approach to Executive Dysfunction and ADHD Evaluation and Treatment
If you think you or your child may struggle with ADHD and executive dysfunction, McLean Counseling Center is here to help.

During your evaluation, our experienced providers will ask you questions and run diagnostics to get a sense of your symptoms and of who you are as a person. From there, they’ll be able to discuss potential treatments. These often include behavioral interventions, talk therapy, and medication. You and your provider will work together to develop a treatment plan that meets your needs so you can focus on thriving.

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